A mad jumble of life

Source it real good.
Source it real good.

On Monday I held a baby and her mom said, “If you sing a song, she’ll sing, too,” even though the baby is too young for words (or even, probably, coherent thought). So I sang a song from Broadway’s “Peter Pan,” and the mom said, “I think you need to sing a song she knows, and those are: ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ or ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’.”
So I sang her “Jesus Loves Me.”
It’s a simple tune. I’ve known it since childhood myself.
And the baby opened her baby-mouth and sang like babies sing. Which is, to say, with no words or proper pauses or formed sounds…just a drawn-out off-tune note that goes on and on like it has its own echo.
A baby sang “Jesus Loves Me” with me on Monday.
Is this interesting? Maybe not. But, it’s the kind of thing that makes life more life-y.

On Tuesday I came home from an unsuccessful experience at the bank and shopping and what not. And I sat at the dinner table and told my mom and my brother and his girlfriend about how I had accidentally thrown away my boss’ lunch that day, thinking it was mine and that I didn’t want it. They all responded with gasps and moans, as I needed them to.
Is this interesting? Maybe not. But, it’s the kind of thing that makes life more life-y.

On Tuesday my friend texted me about his life, and I texted him about mine and then we ended up calling each other and talking about art.
Is this interesting?
Of course not.

But, without these connections…what would we even be?

I read a poem about tacos.
I ate a mango, and I thought it was too far gone, but really it was just lovely and juicy.
Some friends stopped by my office.

Maybe it isn’t that life has these moments but, rather, that life is these moments. These moments are life.

Happy Monday. Happy Summer.

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