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We laughed a lot this weekend

Full confession: I haven’t straight-read any of St. Benedict’s stuff. But I did read Mama Monk’s series and a book called “Radical Hospitality” and if I ever got a tattoo I would get the St. Benedict’s medal on my back.

Hey mom, you can disown me RIGHT NOW. source.
Hey mom, you can disown me RIGHT NOW. Source.
(For the record, I would also get that little cross tatted into my wrist if I visited the Holy Land. Plus, in my dream-world I’d get arm sleeves. Probably one of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the other of the Divine Mercy image. But I’m still taking suggestions.)

ANYWAY. One thing I’ve gathered from reading about him indirectly is his belief that there’s enough time for everything; and that you should apply yourself whole-heartedly to the task at hand.

This weekend I had two primary tasks: the progressive dinner-on-bikes on Saturday and the improv comedy show on Sunday. Photos follow!

It should be known that, on Friday, I biked the 12.5 mile route and chalked arrows everywhere for safety and clarity.

And then on Saturday it rained.

Not hard.

Just enough to wipe away chalk.


You know what, though? We still had a fun time.

The group assembles.
The group assembles.

We had twelve total, which was actually nice for an inaugural event.

Christine and I had some hiccups in the process, but I like to think that the day itself progressed smoothly.

I love the laughter in this picture.
I love the laughter in this picture.

It was super-community. We chatted and bought from local businesses.

There’s something about food and friends and connection, isn’t there?

E-Dubs, MM, Joshie and Dave.
E-Dubs, MM, Joshie and Dave.


I thought it was crazy.

So, generally: great, positive feedback from the event and I think it’s something we need to do again.

Plus, cutest thing ever, my youngest brother (whom I never see because we’re on different schedules) said, “Thanks for organizing that, Nell, I had a lot of fun” and so I was satisfied. πŸ˜€

Sunday was improv nite.

Man, were we nervous. But, I laughed and laughed. So, success?

Here's Maffeau working the crowd.
Here’s Maffeau working the crowd.

I can’t even explain how talented these people in the troupe are. I can’t tell you how their creativity makes me laugh.

I’m just lucky they let me hang out with them.

I'm posting this because it looks like I have muscles as opposed to the others that look like I have THE WORST POSTURE EVER.
I’m posting this because it looks like I have muscles as opposed to the others that look like I have THE WORST POSTURE EVER. Anyway, I love the intense improv-looks featured here. Jesse looks like he’s in his element.

My favorite was the sketch at the taxidermy place where a man brought in a dead baby octopus with no guts.

Sigh, maybe you had to be there. πŸ™‚


Isn’t this photo also cute with Maffeau and Christine laughing? I think it’s presh.

So, yeah, we laughed. We lived. We grew.

Hanging out with people is the stuff.

I am Seashell Nell and I am extroverted.

Did you get a chance to laugh this past weekend?

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