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Time for more: What SHE Wore Wednesday!

cait-2Today I present: The Artsy Writer!

She’s probably the top-commenter on the blog (besides my mom?), and we hang out in real-life-time, too. So I was ready for her to style some vintage-y kicks on the blog sometime!

Here she is:

Choosing an outfit for a long day of teaching on a hot Indian Summer day can be challenging, so I went to my go-to uniform. Short-sleeve blouse and some kind of skirt.

I subbed at two different elementary schools so I knew I wanted to be comfortable and be able to move easily to pick things up off the floor. (Because kids).

The third graders all said they loved my outfit today so I knew I chose well.

The blouse is thrifted but is actually Banana Republic. It is my favorite blouse. So cute, comfortable and goes with everything. A lot of people think that green is hard to match but I don’t. Green is one of my favorite colors because it goes with most anything. I have three green blouses in different shades, so yes it’s definitely a closet staple for me.

My skirt is also thrifted and it’s one of my favorite finds. It had the ‘new’ tag on it at the thrift store and I got it for half off. The colors are pretty and I love the circle skirt because it has a Donna Reed vibe to it that works for my life as a teacher. It also has several layers underneath which gives it a nice volume. Bonus the pattern on it is clocks. Clocks. It is not often you find a print that cute.

I’m wearing my brown braided sandals because it’s hot and they are super comfortable. Jesus taught in sandals so I can too.

Also my watch, because a teacher has to keep track of so much time. The watch was on clearance at Target. I like bargains.

Cute and practical!

There she is, folks! If I recall correctly: I was either on the thrift store spree that resulted in the green blouse…or a veeeery similar blouse. Either way: good find! Oh, and circle-skirt-Donna-Reed vibes are AWESOME.

Thanks, Artsy Writer!

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