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Livin’ life, taking names


Is it fair to tag this post with a bit of “photography” even though I don’t really have photography skills to speak of, I just snap shots of things that I find breathtaking? Like above, for instance, the glare of the water being shaded by the trees, opening up to the jewel-toned leaves in the rain gutter. Wow, that’s cool. Thanks, gutter. Thanks, rain. Thanks, fall.

It’s Wednesday. I haven’t posted all week…and will I post later this week? Maybe, hopefully. Fun things are on the horizon, though. Fun things on the horizon sometimes mean work-until-the-horizon-appears, though, and that’s where I am. In the middle of to-do lists and haunting grocery stores and trying to make it to work on time, maintain a prayer life, exercise every morning. 🙂

We’re having guests and party and fall and friends this weekend at the casa. Music too, probably. (Hopefully dancing? My siblings are not quite as avid fans of the dancings. But, I had a rough weekend in a dance class I taught (three words: high school boys. Dat attitude, doe!), and now I’m a little starved for a good dance (or two?)). But, yes to friends and bonfire and space heaters and scarves and cider and autumn-love. Double-yes.

I’m also going to be helping at a fundraiser function–and I just finished sewing the costume last night. Yes. Here’s an idea: host out of town guests, throw a huge party, and make a dress…all in one week. Thank you, thank you. (Do you see why I haven’t posted?)


The photo above is a shot of interfacing, which is kind of a structural part of garment construction. You shouldn’t see it in the end, so maybe some of you have never seen the pattern of interfacing-against-material. I liked the contrast of the white of the facing against the navy material, the intricate weave against the chunky-cut seam. Mmmmmmmmm.

Do you want to guess the character for this costume? You can try!

And, if I get a good photo, we’ll post in ze blahg. (Here’s a hint–this is a part of my character formation).

My mom will be like, "Why did you not DUST??" But, I didn't want to. I felt like it would disturb this scene somehow, how perfectly the light cut through in the early morning.
My mom will be like, “Why did you not DUST??” But, I didn’t want to. I felt like it would disturb this scene somehow, how perfectly the light cut through in the early morning.

What else is beautiful? >Today’s weather. For real, though. Here’s an idea: 65+ degree weather for all of winter. That’s a great idea.

Well kids, I’m hungry. I’m going to find some food and I’ll catch you later.

Want to comment, ever? Here’s a prompt: tell me something beautiful. 🙂


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  1. DON’T even get me started on high schooler’s attitudes. This has been quite the week of it. But I still love them, and want to help them, it just hurts my brain sometimes.

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