What I Wore Wednesday

You know what we haven't done in a very long time? Not since over a month ago, actually? A "What I Wore Wednesday." High time or high time? Yes, indeed, high time. Shall we start with the skirt? It kind of pops out and grabs the attention, so that's where we'll start. I bought that... Continue Reading →

I wore it, but it’s not Wednesday

The road to heck is paved with good intentions. The road to Hell, Michigan, is paved with asphalt, probably. Anyway! My good intentions were to post TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY with NO STOPS FOR THIS LOCOMOTIVE but then the good-intentions train was derailed last night when I hung out with one of those supah cool... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

I wore cute shoes too, I promise, the ones with the bows on the toes like Snow White. But, this was after a lunch time excursion, so no heels at the moment for me. Oh would ya look at that: I'm wearing the exact same skirt I wore last time I posted something like this.... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday–my newest skirt

This is it. This is the corduroy skirt that took a bit o' emotional energy and real-life energy with it. Vintage pattern missing from the envelope, me making up a pocket pattern, me accidentally cutting something improperly with the fabric-pattern facing the wrong way...whew. No one said it was easy. I'm typing as my friend... Continue Reading →

Wednesday. Wearin’ green tights.

Today is Wednesday. Let's chat clothes! See those green tights? I hardcore debated about buying them the week before Thanksgiving. The color seemed a little artistically much. But, hey, I was like, "Holidays. Whatever. I can wear them once and it'll be fine." And now I've been watching the wash cycle and nabbing them as... Continue Reading →


Today was the day I didn't want to wear any of my winter clothes--too dark and heavy! (And it's only December. We may be in for a Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder.) So, I reached past my closest and into the costumes and artifacts stored in the basement. You think I jest. This skirt was... Continue Reading →

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