This is my Camino. Welcome.


With sweater. It was mild today, so I didn't wear the down jacket, just this woolen vest.
With sweater. It was mild today, so I didn’t wear the down jacket, just this woolen layer.

Today was the day I didn’t want to wear any of my winter clothes–too dark and heavy! (And it’s only December. We may be in for a Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

So, I reached past my closest and into the costumes and artifacts stored in the basement.

You think I jest.

This skirt was what I wanted–not too heavy, but still warm and colorful! This has never been a costume, though. My mother picked it up on one of her travels through exotic lands (Appalachia, I think? So, not all that exotic. Just a wee bit exotic). The skirt is woven in a warm blue, with a border of cyan and something I might describe as citron?

I love the border around the bottom, the length of the skirt (besides tiny little middle-schoolers, not quite sure why everyone seems so gung-ho about the current infatuation with the mid-thigh hemlines. IMHO, knee-ish hemlines > thigh hemlines) and just trying something new, you know?

The skirt does have its strange flaws, though. Namely: the waistband is teeny tiny. See how high I’m wearing that puppy? Natural waist or something like that, to remedy the fact that it’s a tight fit.

Now, that in and of itself isn’t that strange (yes, yes, I do realize there are many many people in this great world thinner than the I), but it poses a dilemma because the waistband is fastened with a snap. Now, snaps are awesome. They’re easy to snap together…and easy to snap off. And therein lies the rub. Take one tight waistband and add a one-snap closure and we’re close to a recipe for disaster.

But, as of yet I’ve only had one incident: after a sneeze. 🙂

(Update: just sneezed again, with similar results.)

I’d say I’m doing pretty well.

Now, I’ve also taken this time to bust out my favorite piece of holiday jewelry.

Holiday charm.
Holiday charm against the woven skirt.

I’ve been wearing this charm bracelet for years of Advent and Christmases past. To me it’s a simple reminder of a special season. 🙂


Also, I here the temperature is dropping. I think I’ll be jogging to my car to keep warm!

Stay snuggly.

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