What I Wore Wednesday–my newest skirt


This is it. This is the corduroy skirt that took a bit o’ emotional energy and real-life energy with it. Vintage pattern missing from the envelope, me making up a pocket pattern, me accidentally cutting something improperly with the fabric-pattern facing the wrong way…whew. No one said it was easy.


I’m typing as my friend is walking out the door. He was like, “Have you heard of Pinterest? I was looking at men’s fashion today. It’s basically layers…and no socks. Sign on, I’ll show you.

See! Look! That guy is wearing a hoodie he tucked in and overalls, but the straps are hanging down and he’s wearing a jacked and a sleeveless vest…and no socks. I think the rule is, if you’re going to wear socks, they need to be weird.”

Oh, was I ever laughing.


This outfit was: shirt and tights and vest and scarf with my new skirt and my new kicks. Yes yessss! I like those muted colors with the colorful pop of a skirt. Fun-tastic!

Oh, and my hair…my “porcupine hair” as my sister called it. This is probably the shortest it has ever been cut ever. But, hey, less to fall into my eyes, right?

Guys, the days are getting longer and sunnier and warmer and THANK THE BLESSED LORD. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday–my newest skirt

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  1. beautiful outfit!! I especially love the color, and the length is so flattering on you! i love your brogues as well! where are they from? 😀

    1. Thank youuuu. My shoes are from bass.com, and this isn’t an advertisement, but I would recommend them non-stop. So comfy, so stylish and they last for months and months. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed browsing your blog as well.

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