This is my Camino. Welcome.

What I Wore Wednesday. Guys. NEW YELLAH PANTZ.

Before I get started, I need to express some gratitude, ya’ll.

My I car.
My I present…my car.

My car is one crazy cat. Haters be like, “It’s rusty! You should get a new car!”

But, after today’s commute I just want to love on it a little.

Because if it was a lady and I was a gentleman I’d totally send it flowers and jewelry at this point. It could have failed me numerous times in this morning’s treacherous white-out. But…it didn’t. Because it’s awesome. And it handles the snow like no car I’ve ever driven.

Basil, my car…you rock.


It snowed again today. Of course.

We had a few days snow-free, and I took advantage of those days and wore skirts-and-tights but I saw today’s weather and was like, “NOPE!”

Pants it is.

New pants, too!

Dance break!
Dance break!

Well, new to me. I just bought these last weekend at a secondhand boutique. I love the color and the fit and the corduroy goodness!

I think I’m in a yellow kick, too.

Maybe I’ve been in that kick my whole life, now that I think about it.


The jacket is beloved by many. And I’m included in those many.

It’s herringbone tweed, but with 3/4 sleeves and it’s just perfectly lady-jacket without being boxy and too masculine.

So I wear it non-stop because I love layers, wool, brown and 3/4 sleeves. Not as much as I love, say, SUMMER…but I take what I can get. 😀

Methinks this is the inverted triangle yoga pose, correct?
Methinks this is the inverted triangle yoga pose, correct?

And the scarf is probably my mom’s, but we “share.” (We don’t. I just take. I don’t deserve to have passed Kindergarten.)

So that’s where we are! Some classics (my jacket) paired with a pop of color. It’s who I am, man.

Swim class again tonight (Wednesday night). The grand question: will they make it there in time…or not??

If you’re not tired of this tune yet…have your own dance party.

For me, you guys, for me.

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