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Paul is Paul

He made these brownies for his dewd's Bible study.  Me: "Yeah, brownies are pretty fun to make." Him: *raises eyebrows and nods*
He made these brownies for his dewd’s Bible study.
Me: “Yeah, brownies are pretty fun to make.”
Him: *raises eyebrows and nods*

Yesterday morning. Me, rustling around the kitchen, packing for lunch. Paul doing Paul things.
Me: Who is your best friend, Paul?
Paul: Mmmmmm….Jesus.
Me: Oh. Who is your second-next best friend?
Paul: Mmmmmmmmmm…Kiwi.

Today he sent me a Snapchat of hanging out in a hammock. THE SCALLYWAG. I was still at work doing hoodrat stuff.


Yesterday evening. Me, slicing vegetables.
Paul comes up and puts me in a faux-choke hold.
Paul: Ha!
Me: Oh.
I walk over to the garbage can to throw away the scraps.
Paul: Hey! Come back to my hug!

Paul: I bought four VHS at Salvation Army today.
Me: Yeah?
Paul: Yeah. Do you want to guess which ones?
Me: Ummm. OK? Uh…tell me if I’m hot or cold. Ummmmmmmmm Ninja Turtles?
Paul: No. And cold.
Me: Ummmmmmmmm the animated Robin Hood?
Paul: No. And still cold.
Me: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm…
Paul: Yeah, never mind, you’ll never guess so I’m just going to tell you…St. Elmo’s Fire which is an eighties’ movie that I’ve never seen; Jesus Christ Superstar, and I never realized that “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” was in that show, but it is; American Graffiti, which was George Lucas’ before Star Wars; and this other one with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

(Yeah. I mean, I would have never guessed those specific films).

Me: Can I take your picture?
Paul: Eh, but let me change my sweater.

Fashionista, ha!!

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