Winter/projects/my mom

My camera has been accumulating photos of my mother. This is mostly because in the winter I'm driven more indoors due to snow/cold/ice/my inability to generate body heat and more time indoors = more time for projects! The list is in: My sister and I ordered Triathlon-friendly suits yesterday. After the mere second swimming class... Continue Reading →

Crinoline update

I owed you this on Monday. I know, I know. Here is where I was Friday morning: Here is where I was Friday evening: SUCCESS. Shout out to the generous and fun-loving Sugardale for the crinoline pattern. It was fun and full of helpful ideas and truly a work of love/ art. (Although, love, you... Continue Reading →

Friday! Friday!

Have ya missed my smiling face? I have news! It looked like a lot of people were reading my "About" page, so I decided to add another one. The second one is added to give more info about my life since (maybe?) in the past year my readership has expanded (beyond my mom). Read it.... Continue Reading →

Lists on lists of girlie talk

It's likely I'm starved for some girlfriend time. These are the things swirling in my system that need to get out: MY HEART IS WRENCHED BECAUSE I TOOK OUT MY CARTILAGE RING AND NOW I CAN'T GET IT BACK IN. Only out for 24 hours and it's swollen shut. This wrenches my heart because I... Continue Reading →

Nell goes to a BABY SHOWER

Hi. Where have I been??? Mostly: crazy. 🙂 Count-down to Spain: 8 days. Woot. Anyway, I had a baby shower last weekend. Now, baby showers are finicky business. I like to bring useful, cute things...but it's hard to know what to bring. Here's what I did for this one: hats, baby hats. That and I... Continue Reading →

May Crafting Challenge!

Way back in middle school I knew a dude named "Gabe," and he signed up for the Crafting Challenge! (For May. I did complete this in May, by the way...just didn't post until now). Now, I don't really see Gabe around all that often...but I did run into him at the family's Snowball in January... Continue Reading →

Ruffled sleeves and other matters.

First of all: it needs to be known that I have worn the same sweater five days this week. Colleen gave it to me on Saturday, and I have worn it unabashedly. Amen. Also! GUYS IT'S FINALLY GETTING WARMER. Spring things everywhere! Flowers! Warm weather! Because of the wonder of Spring lured us out-of-doors, I... Continue Reading →

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