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Lists on lists of girlie talk

It’s likely I’m starved for some girlfriend time. These are the things swirling in my system that need to get out:

  1. MY HEART IS WRENCHED BECAUSE I TOOK OUT MY CARTILAGE RING AND NOW I CAN’T GET IT BACK IN. Only out for 24 hours and it’s swollen shut. This wrenches my heart because I love my cartilage piercing.
    I talked it over with someone, though, and she said you’re supposed to get cartilage piercings done at tattoo parlors instead of places like Claire’s (where I had mine done) since Claire’s just pierces with a needle and the tat parlors use a hollow needle for a more permanent hole.
    What I’m saying is: learn from my mistakes unless you want your heart wrenched, too.
  2. I NEED MY HAIR TO BE CUT. My stylist just moved up a bracket, so I’m going to need to shell out more, but I want to go short-short this time around, and I need someone I can trust, you know?
  3. Because I know you are all ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS, I’ve started catching up on the crafting challenges. I’ll post some soon, but I’m still trying to hammer them out in a productive manner.
  4. In case you were wondering, here’s a list of things I’m working on right now (in my mind, that is)
    • Crafting challenges for September (la la la, STILL SEPTEMBER, ISN’T IT??) and October.
    • I want to make more things for Christmas this year. Yeah, it’s months off, but crafts take time, man.
    • I kind of want a yellow wool skirt for the fall/ winter. Don’t ask me why, but I’m sold to this idea. Problemo: JoAnn’s doesn’t carry yellow wool. Sooooo, this one is still in the works. Ooooh, just looked up Haberman’s online. Drooling (You think I’m kidding??).
    • I traveled to Haberman's SPECIAL to give you an image. Just kidding. I was going there anyway. For the yellow wool. No dice, btw.
      I traveled to Haberman’s SPECIAL to give you an image. Just kidding. I was going there anyway. For the yellow wool. No dice, btw.
    • In the great computer crash of 2013 much of the typed version of my play was lost, so I’ve been working on retyping it from my various notebooks. Props to my mother who encouraged me to stay in from the rain yesterday so I was able to hammer out a goodly portion. This is one of those updates that’s like, “Let me tell you things that aren’t relevant to you any time ever.” Oops.
    • I’m not a great artist by any stretch of the anything, but in my mind I kind of want to try a watercolor of three lady-pilgrims on pilgrimage, maybe from the Middle Ages. Maybe in triptych. I’m still deciding…but I wanted you to know.
    • There’s this abandoned fire station I kind of loved, but I drove by it yesterday and someone had put up fences, which leads to to believe that someone else loves it too…and had more money than I and therefore purchased it. Hmm.

  5. DEWD ONE OF MY BEEBEE PILGRIMS EMAILED ME ALL, “Hey, Nell, I want to take my own group of pilgrims to walk the Camino de Santiago.”
    And I was like, “AHhhhhhh!!! Hahahahaha! CAN I COME??”

    1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and
    2. I’d like to walk one without being group leader some time.
  6. I saw my fantastic brother-in-law in a funny, funny farce on Friday. 🙂 Wanna pic?
    Thought so! Brother Dave and Bro-in-lawzies Drewseph.
    Thought so! Brother Dave and Bro-in-lawzies Drewseph.

  7. There’s this fantastic dish from Spain called “tortilla” which isn’t like a Mexican tortilla at all, rather it’s more like an omelet filled with potatoes, and I’ve made three and every single one of them has had something wrong with it. Shucks! Well, that’s why we practice, right?

I always say you can comment, but you only occasionally join my convos (which I respect, btw.) If, for some reason, you WANTED to chat today, I’d love to hear your thoughts on super short hair, paintings, how much you wanna go on Camino 2015, and one thing you would pick for a gift if you got to pick it based off of something you wanted TODAY (for the record: space heater. My office is beyond drafty).


4 thoughts on “Lists on lists of girlie talk

  1. As the proud owner of a yellow wool skirt I must say they are the most comfy/versatile for the winter. It goes with a lot of things and also brightens up a dark winter day. I hope you find the fabric. Jo-anns tends to cater only to makers of fleece items I’ve noticed lately.

    1. Agreement on both counts! Fleece seemed quite abundant, yes. And yes to the yellow brightening dark days, that was my thought precisely! No better luck at Haberman’s, though, I’ll just need to keep looking.

      1. Try the remnants section. Sometimes there’s only a yard or so which is enough depending on the kind of skirt you want. I found some bright green latticed fabric to make a skirt recently in the remnants.

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