Friend Poem No. 5

I have a friend Named Tim Whom I met Over a cubicle wall-- Me telling him too many stories Me laughing too loud Me making people think HE was the trouble-maker Me "volunteering" him for more, frantic life. I would send him notes Through a crack In the wall. He would send the paper back... Continue Reading →

Friend poem No. 4

I have a friend Named Hanna. One of my oldest friendships, A cousin. On Friday she wore stripes And I said-- "Like a raccoon" And she twisted her head like a raccoon, Pranced a dance to the table Her hands pulled Chest-ward Like paws. We went camping in August, Hanna and I. Five days of... Continue Reading →

Friend Poem No. 3

I have a friend Named Julia. She sometimes writes me letters-- Snail mail-- In cards she has designed herself, Her practiced hand switching from script to CAPS. She writes of saints, Flowers, Love, Friendship. She picks flowers, Sketches heaven, Buys dark chocolate. She cuts her hair short, Announces to her office that They will be... Continue Reading →

Friend Poem No. 2

I have a friend Named Joseph A nation-known legend Brilliant at musical score. Other people tell me this But we rarely speak of it. Sometimes we call each other With good reason, too-- Busy, bustling business. Only--he laughs too easily, And then I do, too, And we digress over and Over and over Into story... Continue Reading →

Friend Poem No. 1

I have a friend Named Noah. A Viking man-- Broad and bearded. He is the Ferdinand the Bull of Vikings. His solid shoulders could Plunder villages, His brawny knuckles Break through doors, Carry piglets to the ship, Him unheeding his bleeding cuts. But, He doesn't. Sometimes he makes his sister Picnics. Her favorite foods In... Continue Reading →

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