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Nothing in particular

Trees/ brush from a hike-day with my cousin.
Trees/ brush from a hike-day with my cousin.

Blogging is interesting.

Like, it’s a medium for the reader, just like theater is a medium serving the audience.

So, I should be providing you with the best I have to offer: stories that make you smile and thoughts that make you stretch and photos that show my world.

But what happens when I’m just kind of tired and meh? Heh. This post, I guess.

Here’s a short list of where I am today, which I realize is kind of an even lazier version of “7 Quick Takes”…but IT’S WHERE I AM AT THE MOMENT, OK?:

  1. This weekend is basically just me and adult things like weeding and banking and laundry. Maybe killing centipedes. There seem to be more in our house for some reason. Ew ew ew!
  2. Today one of the street-guys in Detroit was singing a song (loudly) which I think he made up (mostly because it didn’t rhyme…at all). The song was all about, like, good things and loving your baby and being on top of the world, so I enjoyed it. I tried to take a video for you, but it didn’t work out. Probably because I was a little leery of the situation, too.
  3. I was probably a little leery because yesterday one of the street-guys threw a Styrofoam carryout container at me. In the Millisecond when I saw the box leave his hand I thought, “I hope there’s nothing sharp in there,” but, there wasn’t. Only French fries. (Who wastes French Fries??). Why was he throwing Styrofoam? That I didn’t stick around to find out. Homeboy seemed a little angry at the world. (Btw, he didn’t hit me…or even near me, for that matter).
  4. I’m waiting for May to unleash the magic I know it contains. Waiting patiently. With my jacket. And my space heater.
  5. I know I promo John Blase’s poetry like it ain’t no thang. But, really, guys. I’ve been reading and rereading this poem all week. I adore it. “…to stand and burn.” Epic yes, John Blase. Click the link, friendly reader.
  6. There are exactly three people in the world I consider to be my kindred spirits. There are way more people whom I admire and appreciate, mind you, but these three just seem to match me in energy and verve. And of this moment I’ve conversed in some way with 2 of the three in the past 24 hours, which is no small feat considering they’re spread across the continent and world at any given moment. Win! Win for the overly-energetic!
  7. As far as other great blogs go: dewd. Camp Patton. Killing it with baby Pheobe and the other ones.
  8. Thought: “Pheobe” is a sweet, cute name. I like it because it’s definitely feminine, and definitely kind of unique without being too unique. I would nickname “Pheobe” by calling the beebee “Pheobe-bird,” which is definitely longer than “Pheobe” on its own, but I can do what I want, you know?
  9. Play in a day is next weekend. Consider attending, dog. I’ll also be prepping for that mad chaos all weekend.
    1. Until the other side,

      A flower. For springtime. Lends some beauty where beauty is needed.
      A flower. For springtime. Lends some beauty where beauty is needed.

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