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The Paul and the pig, Kiwi.
The Paul and the pig, Kiwi.

Yesterday, at dinner I was like, “I’m going to do laundry tonight,” and Paulie said, “I will help you.”

So, later, I went downstairs and I was like, “Paul, now it is time to do laundry.”

And he was like, “NO!”

And I said, “Yes! It is! Come down here!”

Then I started sorting all the clean laundry and eventually Paulie came downstairs, and I was flipping through Netflix and I said, “What should we watch?”

And he was like, “Ummm, Treasure Planet, ummmm, Emperor’s New Groove, ummm…” (for we were in the “Family” category, if that wasn’t clear) “…ummm THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE!”

I said, “No! No way, it’s too scary.”


But I was like, “NO, PAUL, TOO SCARY!” (Because I wasn’t feeling the thematic elements, OK??)

Paul: “The Great Mouse Detective!! Do it!”

Me: “This is too much!”

And Paul was like, “I will be with you! We’ll do it together!”

And I paused. He had his hand out, ready to shake my hand.

So then I was like, “We will! We will do it together!”

And I shook his hand and we repeated, “WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER. THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE!”

And we started it.

Those thematic elements, though!!

(“My leg, my only one!”
“…all the widows and orphans you’ve DROWNED”)

But then we shut it off with twenty-five minutes left, when they’re in the mouse trap with the knife and the arrow and the trap and the anvil all poised to kill them–because we had other assignments to do.

And we promised we’d finish it later.


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