Dis box o' supplies.
Dis box o’ supplies.

Halloooooo!! I’m preparing for a retreat tomorrow and Saturday. So, I’m probably not going to say too many things because I’m at that point of, like, “What am I doing?? Was this even a good idea????” aaaaaand you don’t need that kind of drama, mama.

But, I’m excited. The people attending are great. The speakers are great. The prayer booklets that took me a minute and a half to make look good. Come, Holy Spirit.

In other news, I was flipping through a business card booklet at the printing shop as my prayer booklets were confusing the printer and I came across this one:


Red-hot leopard with curves?? I guess I’m just not sure what kind of professional would use such an image. Discuss.


  • Lounge (my mom’s guess)
  • Female-only taxidermists (my guess)
  • …(your guess here)…

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