I’m still alive, don’t worry

And suddenly: it was Monday!

My goal is always to get out at least three posts per week. But, sometimes things just fall apart, apparently. What’s been hopping?

Well, for one, the offices where I work are moving to new offices, which means moving has been happening on the work-front. Is that exciting enough to blog about? Eh, not really.

But, on the last day in our old building, one of the guys whispered to me, his eyes full of the excitement of Christmas, “Hey! Do you want to go on the roof?”

And I said, “Yes!”

So we made our way up to the top level, found the rickety, rusty, tight steps, pushed up and out into the sunlight.

And then we asked ourselves, “Why had we never done this before?”

Maybe in my next life I’ll be a bird.

Or homeless. And I’ll live on a roof.



Writing Valentines...
Writing Valentines…


Street music concerrrrt.
Street music concerrrrt.

But I only got one picture because I was too busy going to parades, making a million new friends, eating seafood, clapping to live jazz, dancing, wearing the Mardi Gras colors, walking up and down and up and down the streets, looking for bathrooms, seeing new places, and basically loving every moment.

I loved it.

It was seventy degrees and sunny. Here we’re hovering right around zero degrees (but sometimes below…if we’re “lucky” cough).

That was a hard flight to fly back on. 🙂 But, here I am, and I promise I’ll write more in the upcoming days.

Let’s all cross our fingers for happy sunshine. ❤

Thanks for coming along.

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