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These beautiful moments no. 3

You know what? The weekend was lovely. I took some pictures to remind me of this.

Avocado goodness!
Avocado goodness!

So, I read this recipe on the internet, made it once and haven’t stopped eating it since then. Avocados, chick peas, feta, lime juice, and cilantro is the name of the game…but I upped that game and added jalepeno per my mom’s comment that, “Something needs to be added…”

Full disclosure about the summer months? Produce and all the time produce and, hey, let’s eat more produce. I ate avocado-chickpea salad last night with a side of ALL THE RASPBERRIES. Heaveeeeen.

Dese be my Friday goobers.
Dese be my Friday goobers.

So, I can just gab about the weekend, right? Like it’s a personal blog or something, right?

Ah! As I suspected!

So, Friday I kinda led a dance lesson in our living room which our parents made into hardwood floors a few years ago which I suppose they did because they wanted dancing and dancing all the time, right? As of right now, I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Keep in mind: there is one rule at our house and that is “Nell can’t sing at the table” sooooooo, as of now, it’s fine.

(I did not make that rule. And it’s stupid.)

Also, I’m trying to make new friends. Always. And so when I made new friends on Friday: aww yiss.

Beth, Christine, Anne.
Beth, Christine, Anne.

On Saturday morning I met with the absolutely astounding Anne and she made us stunningly delicious pancakes (even for me!! gluten-free!) Norway-style which meant topped with butter and raspberry jam and whipped cream MAMA MIA!!

Then we talked about life/ womanhood/ goals/ dream/ boys. Oh my gosh. Anne needs to be a comedian/ talk show host. Needs to. Or we could do it together. That would be cool, too.

“Mornings with Nell and Anne” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Oh, you’d love it. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t.


Then I went garage sale shopping with my beautiful sister-in-law. I wasn’t finding anything until I came across the young girls selling FACE PAINTING FOR FIFTY CENTS.

And you know I’m all about that supporting-the-arts lifestyle.

Hook me up, child-artists.

Should I not-post this photo? But it's sew cuuuuuute!
Should I not-post this photo? But it’s sew cuuuuuute!

Then we went to a leetle artsy store in Esther’s town. And I bought this card for Father’s Day. For Father Ryan.

Don’t tell me I’m on the fast track to purgatory, I know I know I know.

It’s pretty funny, though, isn’t it??


Then we went to free-dancing-in-the-park to my favorite band ever and it was perfect perfect perfect. Dancing is my favorite.

Then I took this picture of my mom and she was like, “Don’t take my picture!” But IT WAS TOO LATE.


And Sunday I got lost a lot and prayed a bit and listened to a good talk on the Holy Spirit.

Favzies takeaway in a nutshell?

Sometimes we need to wait for things…because otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate them as much.

Ahhh, Father Alex. Way to be simple and profound always and forever.

Just go ahead and apply that to everything: job/ vocation/ dreams/ etc.

Anyway! That’s a wrap, kidlets. It took me a few extra days but THAT’S JUST LIFE SOMETIMES.

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