Three links. These of mommy blogs.


Hey all!!

It’s time to view more links and more links! Today’s topic: mommy blogs. I am all over these suckers. Especially the Catholic mommy-blogs.

  • I’ve linked her a million of the times, but Camp Patton is an instant classic: funny and beautiful and deathly honest. Oy!
  • How do you feel about sassy-pants? You feeling good? You might want to check out Mary at Let Love be Sincere. She’s a local-girl, in my neck of the woods, and she brings the fire…but, so does my own sister, so I can take the heat. Can you? 🙂
  • Let’s take a step away from the papist corner and head over to Utah…C Jane rocks this party; her sister NieNie blogs, too, if you’re interested. 🙂

And that’s that. 🙂

One thought on “Three links. These of mommy blogs.

Add yours

  1. Ha- this brought me great joy! I have such sassy to currently share but my husband is saying I have to be careful – we will see how it goes.

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