This is my Camino. Welcome.


Literally I am updating FROM THE ROAD.

Just kidding.

I am not. I am updating from a public library off of a tiny road in a tiny town. Today I’ve biked fifty miles because I’m every level of crazy, yes I am. I have fifteen to go and this day of PALM-tour is complete. Oh, and I was getting a sunburn so I stopped and bought a t-shirt that reads, “Otter Lake, MI” with an Otter on it. So, yeah, Google that and that’s where I was at some point of the day. The people in the tiny grocery store there are pretty nice…they fetched me a can opener when I bought a can of baked beans. Why did I buy that can? Lunch time, yo. Judge me some mo’.

I have so many stories, guys, but the motivation for me to get back on my bike is tough on my hiney, so I can’t stay too long. 🙂


Or, maybe it is a big deal, if you think riding ONE HUNDRED MILES is a big deal. Which I kind of think it is. But, I’m not the judge of big deals now, am I? I think that’s one of the Supreme Court titles, right? Justice of the Big Deals. Yeah, ask the Justice of the Big Deals if century bike rides are a big deal the next time you run into him/ her. Then comment so we all know what’s up.

I guess I’m at a library, so I could ask the reference librarian.

But, nah. I’m rambling, I know. I’m going to cut myself off and sign up for another hour and a half of butt-torture.

As my youngest brother commented on MONDAY when it rained ALL DAY before raining most of Tuesday, too, “Remember, this is your vacation! You paid to be here!”

Yes, yes, I did. And I’ve got a vintage bike calling my name.

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