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Thankful Tuesday

Cheat sheet for the daily examen! I dig the layout. Thanks, bustedhalo!
Cheat sheet for the daily examen! I dig the layout. Thanks, BustedHalo!

Remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to pray more? Heh. Getting there.

Anyway! I’ve taken up, thanks to this handy cheat sheet from, working through St. Ignatius’ daily Examen. Basically it’s an end-of-the-day prayer that looks over your day. So far, I dig it.

One of my favorite parts is step number two: finding something that you were grateful for.

When I pray this, I find that sometimes I’m grateful for an unexpected meeting with a friend, other times I find the best thing is my warm, wool purple socks. But, whatever it is, I find that I exhale a bunch of tension while in that moment of gratitude.

Also! There is a blogger named Micha, and I follow her all the time! And on Tuesdays she lists things that she is thankful for. How beautiful. So I’ll post my own, and ya’ll can comment about grateful things, too!



This is glen plaid! I think the pattern is classy and business...but also kinda spicy.
This is glen plaid! I think the pattern is classy and business…but also kinda spicy.
Have you been wondering where I’ve been? I’ll just give you a general hint: if I’m scarce it’s because I’ve had other ideas and am busy making them become a reality in my life. So, remember the post about the jumpers? I bought some lovely glen plaid from the store and spent my weekend napping and sewing the beginning of a vintage-pattern jumper. GLORIOUS, I tell you. I still need to put in the zipper, the hem, and finish the neckline…but I’m still really close.


January birthdays. You know which people are sacred? Colleen, Cait, David, Johanna, Julia, John, Pawel, and probably others. But those are especially special people. Happy birthday, guys!


My warm coat. Winter in the city is so cold–we’re right off the water PLUS the wind tunnel winds whip around the corners of the skyscrapers until my brain is basically incapable of processing the amount of cold on my face. I seriously got a freeze-brain from walking a block. But, I have a ridiculous coat that is so warm and snuggly. And I don’t die. I kind of have survivor’s guilt, though; please pray for those without coats.


This wee chicita prays for me. I win all the prizes.
This wee chicita prays for me. I win all the prizes.
My prayer partner this year is basically a saint which means I can get holier off of her hard work and holy prayers. I just messaged her a ton of requests today. Yesss. Winning.


Remember that I’m going on the Camino? I kind of write about this sometimes. Well, a gentleman called me clear out of the blue last week and asked if he could come along. And I felt so peaceful about it, and told him he could.

And then we read the story of Mary-pulling-strings and Jesus-working-miracles this past Sunday, and I smiled.

I don’t (ever) know how things will work out, but I hope and believe they will. Yes.


I’m really excited about tomorrow’s post. 🙂

That’s that! Let me know what YOU’RE thankful for, you party people.

5 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday

  1. Every time I hear the Wedding at Cana story I’m like yes, there is a reason Mary is my patron saint. I would be concerned if the wine at a party ran out too. Except I picture myself sending my son to the store. She’s lucky her Son is God.

    1. Hey! It’s your birthday, too! I’ll update to reflect that. 😀

      Also, you know E. Coules? Apparently he was a rascally fellow and he decided that, for his confirmation, he was going to go big or go home so he picked Mary for his confirmation saint as well.

      And when the Bishop was about to confirm him, the Bishop was like, “Which name do you choose?”

      And he was like, “Mary.”

      And the Bishop was like, “Which one?”

      To be honest, that’s a fair question as there are several St. Marys. But in Coules’ mind, it was ridiculous because if you say “MARY” you OBVIOUSLY mean the Queen of all Marys ever.

      So he said an incredulous, “The MOTHER OF GOD.”

      And he’s confirmed Erik-Mary, the Mother of God-Coules.


      1. lol that’s too funny! When I was confirmed we had the “Hello my name is” name tags so the Bishop would know what names we picked.
        My middle name, Maura, is Irish for Mary because of a promise my gramma made to the Blessed Mother that if she had another girl, she would name her Mary. Well she continued to have boys. (my mom has 5 brothers). So when my mom had me I had to have Mary in my name somewhere because OMG a girl finally.

  2. I too and SO thankful for my warm coat and scarf and hat! And I also have survivor’s guilt. Yes, let’s pray for those that have nothing to keep them warm during this bitter colds snap!

    1. I was so close to approaching this man who was downtown who was probably late-twenties/ early-thirties and saying “Young man, I hope you don’t have far to walk because YOU ARE NOT DRESSED FOR THIS WEATHER.”



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