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What SHE Wore Wednesday–Jessica

Jessica-3Jessica walked into my office today and it was like seeing a vision of a vintage Barbie.

I, on the other hand, was dressed like a three-year-old with no concept of weather-appropriate clothing because when I ran this morning it was raining and so I wore rainboots to work. That doesn’t sound that bad, except that all the rain cleared up and it was sunny as a day on Seasame Street…and I was still wearing rainboots.

I decided that you guys deserved to see beauty and grace and therefore you can see Jessica.
You’ve met Jessica before, she’s my coworker. Fun fact! She’s travelling to Spain with me in the summer! More fun facts:

  • She loves animals.
  • She bought me awesome things for Christmas including, but not limited to, a GUINEA PIG badge.
  • She’s an artist.
  • She loves shopping for second-hand stores.
  • One time, when we first met, I accidentally ordered gluten-food for lunch and she let me take her order and she ate all my gluten-food so that I wouldn’t get sick. She didn’t even know me, guys!
  • She likes to eat fried green tomatoes.

So, anyway, here she was in this classy, feminine outfit and I simply had to ask her if she wanted to be featured.

And (today is your lucky day)…SHE SAID YES!

The top was great…a sweater with a Peter Pan collar. Peter Pan collars are my weakness. I think they’re darling. She said she bought the sweater at a rummage sale. It’s a little bit off-white, which means it’s probably very nice for mixing-and-matching. It also had a really nice strip of detailing down the front, a pattern knitted into the sweater itself. That detailing added a touch of excitement.

The skirt is a minty-green of sorts. It has two layers and box pleats across the top. Apparently her Nana helped alter so it fit her better…and man did it fit! Jessica looks like a million bucks. 😀

Jessica in her off-white sweater, mint skirt, and nude pumps. Gorgeous class!
Jessica in her off-white sweater, mint skirt, and nude pumps. Gorgeous class!

I love the pattern, too. There are a few pleats around the waist, which means the skirt flows from the waist to a full-er hem. Super professional yet beautiful.

The skirt actually had two layers, the top one faded to sheer in a pattern around the hem, something that’s hard to distinguish in the photographs, but was really cool to witness.

As for the shoes, Jessica said that there’s no real story. They’re just her favorite. And, they’re really nice. I love the way nude pumps look and how they elongate the legs. I haven’t tried them myself, but Jessica sure knows how to rock them.

Jessica will be seeing her Nana tonight (homemade chicken soup!), and I think this outfit is so beautiful, classic, and feminine for that occassion.

Thanks for saving What I Wore Wednesday, Jessica!

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