(If you want to you can) Join the AUGUST ADVENTURE CLUB!

It’s August again! Republishing because the Adventure Club is everything. 

Ta da!!
Ta da!!

Well. That was fast, wasn’t it? Suddenly: it’s August. Summer continues to blaze by. But! There is still fun to be had! Interested in more memories, more experiences, more adventures? The August Adventure Club might be what you’re looking for!

Yes. I made a club. It’s called the August Adventure Club. Get on board or get out, man.

Here’s how it works: there are five adventure-categories: cultural, natural, physical, fraternal, and spiritual. Each category can be accomplished either on its own or with a friend…or both! I have provided some ideas for you, but what you pick is, in the end, your own choice. Choose your own adventure, if you will.

You have the entire month of August for adventure. You can use my templates to print a passport booklet to record what you have accomplished.

It folds into four. On one side are instructions and stuff and on the inside of the page is the adventure log. I guess you could also just have the adventure log, if you wanted to.
It folds into four. On one side are instructions and stuff and on the inside of the page is the adventure log. I guess you could also just have the adventure log, if you wanted to.

By the month end, if you finish six adventures total you will earn a silly hat. If you accomplish all ten adventures, you win a shiny star. I mean, and you have these new adventures, too. So that counts as winning something as well.

Need more ideas for your categories? Read on! 🙂

Visit that one museum you have always wanted to visit but never have, go to an outdoor concert, Shakespeare-in-the-Park, etc. Paint something, write something, learn a song on an instrument, bake something from a culture you don’t know, photograph graffitti or architecture or flowers, knit, carve, weld, sew, etc.
(You can set your own goals to, obviously. These are just launch-pad ideas).

Kayak or canoe, bike to work one day (maybe it is possible), fly a kite, hike a nature trail, cut some wildflowers from the side of the road. Go fishing, take a weekend backpacking trip, go tubing down a river. Leave your phone at home for a day. Watch the sun set from the top of a parking deck.

Pick up some produce from the farmer’s market and try a new recipe, go dancing, try to complete the monkey bars. Organize a pick-up sporting event, play tennis with your mom. Avoid caffeinated beverages for a week. Commit to walking briskly a few times a week.

Snail mail a note of encouragement to a soldier, invalid, senior citizen or…someone you haven’t seen in too long. Play a board game with your family, do something kind for a neighbor, give a clean pair of socks to a homeless person. Go through your clothes and stuff, and donate what you don’t need. Meet up with friends at that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

Dedicate an extra 5 minutes a day to prayer or meditation, read the autobiography of a spiritual hero (St Damian of Molokai maybe!) or an encyclical. Go to a service with a friend–either someone with whom you share a common faith experience…or, step into a friend’s church/ synagogue/ mosque and ask them about their faith tradition. Read the book of Matthew–a chapter a day with a few days to spare.

So, yeah. Those are your ideas. Your templates are up there. If you have any questions you can email me (seashell (dot) nell (at) gmail (dot) com) or comment here, I guess.

Or, if you know me in real life, you can talk to me, too. That works.

Oh!! And you can email picture of you doing your August Adventures and I can post them on the blog, I guess!

So, yeah! Have fun, have adventures! Happy August!

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