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These (beautiful?) moments no. 2


Heh heh.


I was like, “Yeah! Let me start a series where I talk about all the things and how they’re beautiful!!”

Stupid me.

(One time ask me and I’ll tell you about the time I prayed for humility. Heh again).

Yesterday I accidentally forgot about lunch plans with MY OWN SISTER IN LAW. And I had wanted that lunch for months. So I was like, “Gah. I’m so stupid and forgetful and inconsiderate!” HOW DID I SCREW THAT UP? Because I’m stupid and forgetful and inconsiderate, that’s why.

Then several people called me just to yell (personal favorite: “[Organization-which-is-not-the-one-for-which-I-am-employed] has a PHONE TREE when I call! I WANT TO SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON. Geez, you’re stupid!” ??? Uhm. That’s not my organization. Why are you yelling at me?).

Plus every day sheds streaming sunlight upon the reality that I don’t really know what I’m doing with my life aaaaaaand for bonus points someone special pointed out some people I’ve slighted because, again, stupid and inconsiderate.

To top it off I was short with my sister that morning because she told me to do something I was already planning on doing, so why that warranted short temper we’ll never know.

And after work (and circus class) I went to the store for some colored peppers, but you know how there’s a warning against buying-when-you’re-hungry? There should probably be a warning of equal gravity about buying when you’re in the emotional depths of upchuck.


I bought all the produce. I blame my emotional distress. As if avocado could replace the fact I SCREWED UP LUNCH PLANS. Mehhhhh.

(Also, internet, why do my photos turn out so blurry when I upload them? They don’t look that way in Photoshop. Discuss).

My assignment for that evening was to call a friend with whom I’m kind of working towards a common goal but, luckily, friend didn’t answer the phone because my message was essentially, “Oh, hi. Yeah, so those things I was excited/ emailed you about fell through.”

Chalk me up as the lamest. 🙁

But, that’s my life, too. Might as well chronicle.

That evening Dan came over, an old friend of mine (the oldest of my friends-outside-of-family? probably?), and so I decided to share that I didn’t know what I was doing and he reminded me that God was still with us, which was good of him.

He also remarked that God speaks in the silence and it’s OK to take things slow. Which is true. And we talked virtue a little, then books we were reading, then the general public.

Then he went to play computer games with Josh and I called it a DAY.

And today I can’t really move my arms because: circus class kicked my booty.

Photo compliments of Detroit Flyhouse Circus and Paul D.M. Sweaty pits compliments of "Oy, I haven't worked this way in a while!"
Photo compliments of Detroit Flyhouse Circus and Paul D.M. Sweaty pits compliments of “Oy, I haven’t worked this way in a while!”

Live large, babies. I’ve got an avocado to eat.

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