This is my Camino. Welcome.

These beautiful moments No. 1

Yesterday I was watering my beautiful, green, stretching plants with the hose. I let my bare toes curl and uncurl in the grass; my feet stupid-soft from a winter in shoes. The sun was beginning to send slanting shadows and the guinea pigs were behind me in the lawn and the birds were yelling at each other and I was like, “summersummersummer.”

I wondered how I could enjoy this summer in the best way possible, savoring every bit! I’ve decided to chronicle with one photo per day(ish) of happy moments encountered this 2014 summer. Here goes nothing.


Last night I snapped this on a bike ride with Paul and Joe. Paul was talking about how his slipper’s soles were too thin, but every once in a while he’d sing a few snatches of song. Joe was also singing a little, and we rode through the neighborhood streets to our library to return a few things.

Then we turned around since the night was young and there is always much to be done in the summer months. 🙂 Art to be painted, late-night chats with friends, THE FIRST FIREFLY OF THE YEAR, and all those all golden sunlight bits of happy.

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