Today was the day I didn't want to wear any of my winter clothes--too dark and heavy! (And it's only December. We may be in for a Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder.) So, I reached past my closest and into the costumes and artifacts stored in the basement. You think I jest. This skirt was... Continue Reading →

La la la What I Wore Wednesday

Yeeeah, so these were taken on Tuesday. Bite me, no worries, mate. It was a cute outfit. Actually, super Colleen-centric, which is fitting since it's her MARRIAGE WEEK and all. The skirt she found whilst we were out secondhand shopping and she was like, "I think these are your colors" and I was like, "Oh,... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Sooo, I wore that same sweater last Wednesday, too, but didn't realize until I already had it on. You know what? It's a good sweater, colored blue like my eyes. I appreciate the sensible side (cardigan! 3/4 sleeves!) but also the lady-like bow. That skirt is tried and true. Versitle, classy, GREAT lines, neutral shade.... Continue Reading →

What SHE Wore Wednesday

Sometimes, on Wednesdays, I'll find someone who is dressed cute...and I won't be able to prop my camera anywhere to take my selfies. And then I'm just like, "I MUST FEATURE THAT PERSON INSTEAD." Enter this girl. RETURN OF THE JULIA!! Here she is, folks. Rocking the same green skirt. 🙂 That's a fantastic example... Continue Reading →

Catching up Wednesday

I forgot my camera at home today. Usually I remember it with its grey wrist-band sticking out of my purse. But, today I have many assignments and the assignments are crowding my calendar for the next two weeks--this is probably why I forgot. So, instead I looked through my uploaded picture files to see if... Continue Reading →

What I Wore WHITE SMOKE Wednesday

Not sure if you heard but WE HAVE A NEW POPE. Wooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Actually, most of you heard. I know that because you texted me and called me and tweeted me because, you know he's the FIRST POPE FROM THE AMERICAS and he PICKED THE NAMED "FRANCIS" and probably just because, well, WE LOVE THE... Continue Reading →

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