What I Wore Wednesday


Sooo, I wore that same sweater last Wednesday, too, but didn’t realize until I already had it on. You know what? It’s a good sweater, colored blue like my eyes. I appreciate the sensible side (cardigan! 3/4 sleeves!) but also the lady-like bow.

That skirt is tried and true. Versitle, classy, GREAT lines, neutral shade. I love it.

But, as of today, it’s VERY tried. Like, I dropped a pen on it today.

It may be the last day for my most versitle summer-skirt.

Only time and Oxi-clean will tell.

Anyway: the shirt.


My mom bought it for me one day for a vintage dance, but now I wear it to work and stuff.

This is a pigeon, not a chicken, though.
This is a pigeon, not a chicken, though.
Actually, it kind of reminds me of a fancy-chicken…the kind you see at fairs, with the feathers around their necks.

You see, it’s a series of over-the-top ruffles around my neck, but super colorful and (I think) hilarious.

Oh, and the people seem to like it, judging from the compliments I receive. And, like a true entertainer, I’m here for my audience.

Also, this is my all-time favorite summahtime flower.


Not like it matters since I’m flying solo, but I feel like I wouldn’t mind wedding colors the shade of chicory.

I found this in an abandoned field.

But I didn’t pick it because:


I nature so well.

*pats head.*

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