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What I Wore WHITE SMOKE Wednesday

Not sure if you heard but WE HAVE A NEW POPE.


Wooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Actually, most of you heard. I know that because you texted me and called me and tweeted me because, you know he’s the FIRST POPE FROM THE AMERICAS and he PICKED THE NAMED “FRANCIS” and probably just because, well, WE LOVE THE POPE UP IN HERE.

I learned how to make a makeshift Vatican flag at the last WYD. :)
I learned how to make a makeshift Vatican flag at the last WYD. 🙂
I was at work when my coworker called out, “WHITE SMOKE! WE HAVE WHITE SMOKE!” and then I rushed in to watch his little TV like a kid on Christmas morning.

In the event of this big, big news a post about my clothing fell by the wayside. But! Here it is now!

I originally bought this skirt because of the border along the bottom. It’s a purple border, so at first I just wore the skirt with purple. There are grey accents, so then I grew in bravery and experimented with grey. There are tiny bits of yellow, so I started trying it with yellow tops.

And then yesterday I decided the winter colors have all had their time and I tried it with a bright teal- blue sweater. You know what? It worked! And I paired it with a grey-and-light pink scarf, just to keep things calm.

Thumbs up for the new Holy Father!
Thumbs up for the new Holy Father!

And I’m still wearing boots because they are practical and warm…but, you know, I’m ready for some heels, man! Come on Spring!

Here’s to sunnier days, a half-over Lent, and a new Holy Father!

Shout out to my peeps who called/ texted, too! My heart danced with you at the announcement!

Oh, and fun fact: a woman called me today and asked me, “So, what’s a Jesuit?”

I asked, “Are you Catholic?”

She wasn’t, so I gave a quick explanation using my brothers, local High Schools, and St. Francis of Assisi in the explanation. To which she replied, “Why, thank you. And I’m praying for this Pope and you guys and all this means for you.”


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