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Catching up Wednesday

Confidently wash your hands!
Confidently wash your hands!
I forgot my camera at home today. Usually I remember it with its grey wrist-band sticking out of my purse.

But, today I have many assignments and the assignments are crowding my calendar for the next two weeks–this is probably why I forgot.

So, instead I looked through my uploaded picture files to see if there was anything I should share…and I found this picture of a flyer. I snapped this in the public restroom of a Vegetarian restaurant because I thought it was funny…still do, actually. It’s for the “Confident Woman Conference.”

I wonder what the screening process is like.

I imagine one calls and says, “I’d like to sign up for this conference.”

Then the call-screener says, “Are you a confident woman?”

And if you say, “Yes!” with confidence then you get in…but if you say it without confidence then you get slated for specific tracks.

If you say “no” they might have a sister-conference or something for the not-confident women.

Here’s the thing about having a blog: say I write a post every other day (which is kind of what happens). I write about one thing and move on. But, there are other things happening in my life
Want to know what’s coming up in the next few weeks and days?

  • I turn older.
  • I stand in a wedding for two friends, and then later I party.
  • I teach some swing dancing for a worthy cause. Even if you hate dancing, you could still come because I’ll only be teaching for, like, thirty minutes. πŸ™‚
  • This is technically in June, but I just signed up for a circus fire manipulation class. Winning.
  • I have a Camino announcement coming up in the next week. You heard it here first! Get excited.
  • Guys! I’m working on a play. This is one of those things without a set end point, but a happy beginning.
  • I like this pattern. My sister bought a skirt at a craft fair last summer. The skirt is made out of quick-drying swimsuit material. I like this idea. Add pockets and that has “Camino skirt” written all over it!

This and other things. Aww, yeah. I also hope it gets WARMER soon. Pleeeeeease. πŸ˜€

What’s new with you?

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