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What I Wore Wednesday Girrrrrrrrl


I take selfies, K?

And in this one my head is cut off…which is kind of a shame because I just got a really cute haircut. Like Peter Pan.

Anyway! I LOVE these shoes. They’re pretty new, but like walking on a cloud and therefore I predict I will live in them. They were on sale. Also: studs.

That skirt has a story. One time I left my work in a wool skirt and a sweater because my work is cold. I stepped outside and realized: it was summer time. And I was about to go dancing. And I was wearing a wool skirt. So I went shopping. (Secondhand, duh). Then: new skirt. I like that it matches with lots of colors like orange and blue and brown. Three cheers for versatile clothes!

My favorite thing about the orange shirt is the sleeve-button detailing. Oh, and that it’s orange. Business-pro, ya’ll!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go and do summer time things. Stay posted!! I have a craft challenge to post!

One thought on “What I Wore Wednesday Girrrrrrrrl

  1. I have a similar-ish looking skirt I wore today! Except it’s green and teal and turquoise floral with a white background.

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