This is my Camino. Welcome.

Pictured Rocks. The highlight reel


This girl gave me a booklet for Christmas that she made with all kinds of drawings of the adventures we have had.

And it was titled, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

And inside were two tickets for a kayaking excursion in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

She knows me well.

And my dreams.

We went last weekend.

Behold! A highlight reel! For I am very tired and pooped.

Lake Superior. Which is really, if we are to believe science and the placards, an inland sea.

The Great Lakes always take my breath away, guys.

Every single time.

The view. And us.
“This must be the honeymoon suite.” <–This is how that girl talks. For real. (Also, not our campsite. Ours was less seaside. Although, not significantly so.)
The next day we went kayaking! Through Lake Superior! So incredible! The weather was perfect. The water was so clear. (We saw a sunken ship!! Bald Eagles! The rocks!)
Look how beautiful! I actually dipped my water bottle in that icy, icy water and drank straight from the lake. Clear and fresh!
This man with dreads found Christine. They shared a conversation. The way he is looking at her in this picture is everything. Someone write a fan fic rom com already.
We drove off the highway for a quick scenic overlook, and, on the way back, this tree fell in the road?!?! The man whose head is behind my sister was working on breaking the branches with his bare hands when we arrived. We helped him.
On Ye Olde Country Road in the Middle of Nowhere where it’s only a dirt road for 15+ miles, we found this turtle…laying eggs?! Maybe? We didn’t know if we should move it or if that would cause it trauma or if it would give us diseases. So then we did nothing and decided to leave its fate to Darwin.
Dude! Restaurant where they served fish caught that day in Lake Superior! You bet your boots we ate the heck out of that whitefish. Yum x 100.
Place that was kind of a tourist trap, but they had black bears. And for a fee you could get your picture taken with a baby bear. CONSIDER IT DONE. Ceebs and I are still unsure if it was a black market deal or not. We are also undecided if said questionable-black-bear place is better or worse than your typical zoo. The jury is out, still. But, THE BABY BEAR, THOUGH.
This plaque said something like, “And then some Native Americans found some settlers and the Native Americans were like, ‘Years ago a priest gave us this to hold on to, and said either he would be back or we should give it to the next priest we found. It’s been a few generations, but we’ve kept it around. Here you go,’ and the chalice was examined and it probably belonged to FATHER MARQUETTE. 300 year old chalice NO BIG DEAL.

So, yeah. It was an excellent adventure.

And there were lilacs everywhere.

The end. <3

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