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The Eve of all things WEEKENNNNND


OK, so mayyyybe yesterday’s post was a little angst-y, and I woke up feeling a little bit bad about that, and even contemplated removing it, but then I didn’t.

BUT, WAIT LET ME TELL YOU ONE MORE THING ABOUT YESTERDAY. And then you can be like, “Dang, that was a rough day.”

So. My padre bought a BRAND NEW computer. And he installed it. And he was like, “Look, now there’s a new computer, use it.”

So I said to myself, “Welp, I guess I’ll upload some pics and write a blog post.” Then I removed the SIM card from my camera, to transfer the photos, and I poked around the BRAND NEW computer to find where I was supposed to insert it. I found the appropriate place (or so I thought), so I stuck the SIM card inside.

Turns out: the computer doesn’t have a port for my SIM card. This new computer only has a port for other-sized SIM cards. I pushed it in too far, and I couldn’t get it out and did I mention this was a BRAND NEW computer? I stuffed a wrong-sized SIM card into a brand new computer, which swallowed my SIM card and therefore destroyed the option of anyone else ever using that port on a computer which was merely hours old.

Then I was like, “Day, I give up. You win. I’m going to bed.”

So I did.

Then I woke up this morning, went for a bit of a run, and decided to approach this day with more grace and verve. This day will be better.

I laid on my stomach, holding a pair of tweezers, and I wiggled my SIM card from the computer.

I looked at the list I’ve posted on the refrigerator for my family to recommend which Christmas cookies they’d like this year.

List on the 'fridge.
List on the ‘fridge.

I laughed at someone’s (Josh’s????) contribution:

The famous Twinkie wiener cookies. A staple at most holiday gatherings, regardless of creed.
The famous Twinkie wiener sandwiches. A staple at most holiday gatherings, regardless of creed or costume.

Then Paul went to talk to the guinea pigs, “Hi guys!!” he said, “Do you know what today is? Do you know???”
(But, they don’t. They’re only guinea pigs).

And my dad went to hold Kiwi while he drank some coffee.

Kiwi never quite knows what to do with her back legs.
Kiwi never quite knows what to do with her back legs.

And then Franklin got jealous because if Kiwi gets attention and he doesn’t: THE. WORLD. COMES. TO. A. PIGGY. END.

So, I took his picture, too.
So, I took his picture, too.

And traffic wasn’t as bad this morning. So: dear diary, today is a good day and I look forward to watching THE BABIEST JOSH graduate from college this weekend. Aw yiss.

I’ll drink (water) ta that.

Have a happy weekend, kidlets.

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