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A Floral Celebration

Julia290I uploaded my pictures of these weekend and noticed an over-arching floral theme. This is not a photography blog by any means…but I think it’s a nice way to outline what’s been up these past few days.

Maybe I’m just itchy to start gardening again…the garden is calling out to me. 🙂

I’m pro-flower. They’re such incredible gifts of grace and beauty. And I don’t discriminate, either. I like the greenhouse-bred and grown roses and the flowers that bloom on the side of the road.

Yes, yes, yes.

The flowers sitting on our counter there are from baby Julia–an Easter bouquet. I love these: their colors and the spring detailing (and the pussy willow!)

Eastertime. Easter happened. It was awesome, and my office was gifted with a lovely lily. Now, I pulled the stamens off of all of them (a florist friend says that makes them last longer) but this one bloomed and I loved the near-perfect circle they created. Just beautiful!

This past weekend I stood in a wedding. Friday, the night of the rehearsal dinner, I found these surrounding the baptismal font. SO BEAUTIFUL. I forget how much I love flowers in the winter…and then, come Spring, I’m reminded. Remind me to plan my wedding for the springtime so I can place spring flowers EVERYWHERE.

Rose290I was given a white rose on Friday evening, probably to celebrate this Sunday’s Divine Mercy remembrance. The “colors” of the Divine Mercy images are red and white, hence the white rose.

The girl next to me put hers in her hair. I took mine home and left it in a drinking glass. I actually forgot about it until right now…which means it’s probably still in a drinking glass. That is a sorry fate for so perfect of a rose.

The young woman smiling the background of this picture is incredible–she was the Maid of Honor for the wedding I stood in, and she was just wonderful. She is caring and patient and knew the right things to say (especially when I didn’t…Thanks, Jen!). Fun fact: she has a happy day of her own coming up this year! CONGRATS!

This was taken at our rehearsal dinner. Lovely gathering!

These were our wedding flowers–truly breath-taking. They had the sweetest holders and the fragrance had a touch of spice. I would lower my face and inhale all day long.

CH290There was a birthday party on Sunday, for me and for this fair chica.

And then I won that award: BEST COUSIN. That’s right. Your arguments are invalid, I have been declared the best cousin. Thankyouverymuch.

The flowers in this picture are in her hair and across her floral, springtime dress.

Below we have some purple crocuses. This photo was taken Monday, in our woods. To me, crocuses are the flower of hope (daffodils the flower of joy, dandelions the flower of awesome).

As an added bonus: the coolest potholders of all time. They are now mine. Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Made by the wicked-talented Kathyrn.
Made by the wicked-talented Kathyrn.

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