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Lauren believes in me

Yesterday I wrote this on my friend Lauren’s Facebook wall:

Everything written above is true: thought, encouragement, purchase. Done.


Material! Patterns!
  • I want to make a dress.
  • I have green and black crepe.
  • I need to sew like a maniac if I plan on being successful.
  • I don’t mind deadlines, honestly.
  • Plus: Lauren believes in me. That’s all I need.

    Sometimes it’s just a word of encouragement that will fan a flame into fire.

    (Have you ever experienced that?? A word of encouragement?)

    Anyway! The material is emerald and black. I want the dress to be emerald but accented in black.

    I don’t own much green, but I think it’ll be a nice addition what with the upcoming holiday dances (dancing!!)

    This is my plan. One needs a plan.

    My vision is for a dress with a nice swirl-y skirt…for dancing, man! But, I also want pockets. I’ve seen pockets on some bridesmaid dresses at friends’ weddings and thought to myself, “Self, that’s a brilliant idea.”

    As for the top, I’m thinking a sweetheart neckline with black detailing.

    Now, at my New Years Retreat we are required to wear sleeves…so I’ve been researching that as well. Methinks I’ll be going in the cap sleeve direction.

    Tonight: planning and cutting!!

    Also, if the pattern is successful, we shall name it the “Lauren” because it was encouraged by my sewing-sister of the same name.

    Oh yes, you did read that correctly: I don’t have a set pattern. But, I do have patterns close to the one I’m envisioning…add that to a few years of sewing experience and a dose of self-confidence (Lauren-provided), and I think we’re good to go.

    Wish me luck (I promise I’ll keep you posted)!

    THIS girn!!

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