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What I Wore Wednesday | A yellow sheath

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, eh?

Well. Chalk that up to me consistently riding the line of not wanting to do the selfie thing on the internets. But, then, on the other hand, I always like it when I see shots of the folks who write the blogs I read.



I wore a sheath today. I bought it at a secondhand shop a few weeks ago.

This is kind of the year where I have broken into the sheath dress territory. Until now I feared they were too…what? Mature? Sexy? But now I am pushing the big 3-0. I think I can do it.

This one is a pale yellow; I love yellow. I know that not everyone can wear the color, but I can, so wear it I do. It’s also a light linen blend…linen enough that it’s breezy and cool, but “blend” enough that it doesn’t even get all that wrinkled, surprisingly enough.

I wore it with my Polish amber (and my sister’s necklace). My heart is a little bit torn that I’m not in Poland right now. World Youth Day and all. But! Alas. That stage of my life is passed. And there are other excellent stages.

Speaking of stages, allow me to remind you about the upcoming play we’re still working on. You’re still invited. Come and support local art! It’s a mix of really deep stuff and some funny stuff. You’ve been warned. 😀


In case you were wondering, my car is a mess right now.

I feel like my car is, generally, a good indicator of my life at any given moment. And right now my car is packed with stuff…which is what my daily planner looks like, too. Daily-planner-wise, we just finished the novena at work, something that takes days and days and months of coordinating.

My car was full of fliers and brochures from that.

It’s also full of a bunch, bunch, bunch of props and set pieces right now. I kind of wonder if people look in it an think I’m homeless and living out of my car. Maybe they do. I wonder if they ask themselves what I could possibly be doing with all of that there poster board. 🙂

Anyway! That’s the general update. More soon, I do hope!



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