This is my Camino. Welcome.

What I Wore Wednesday. And it’s Thursday. I make the rules, I bend the rules.


At the beginning of Spring/ Summer I approach clothes like, “Oooo!! I will wear all of the cute, cute colors!”

But now we’re nearing the end of summer, and yesterday I was more just like, “How about–my favorite things? That is what I will do: wear my favorite things.”

That skirt was originally a too-short dress. I bought it at the village I’ve stayed at in El Salvador. The women in the town make a very specific deep, blue dye from local flowers, and they use that to dye clothes in a wide variety of artistic tie-dyed patterns. So, I bought a dress from them, the only one in my size. Well, my size in girth and stuff. It wasn’t my size in height, though, so it mainly just sat in the back of my closet until I pulled it out one weekend this year and ripped apart the top and added a zipper and a waistband and POCKETS and look at us now. Bada bing bada boom–awesome skirt.

I love the little circle-designs the ladies dyed into the skirt, the ruffle they added to the bottom. It’s a work of art from a nation I love, and it’s perfect for a late-summer day.

After work I changed into the sneakers and rode my bike to my hair appointment and the library and T.J. Maxx and Target because: errands, yo. But, I rode my bike to all of them, through the main roads and the residential roads and the still-unpaved dirt roads through the surrounding cities. And I got home just, just as the sun was setting. Ah, summer.


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