What I Wore Wednesday

It's cold in Michigan these days, very cold and often dark. We've already hit some kind of record (snow? cold? does it matter when the prize isn't worth winning?) and the rest of the week has the high temps somewhere in the single digits. I just finished hiking 30+ miles in the bitter cold over... Continue Reading →

One more about Poland

Somehow, being in Poland is a small exercise in returning to my childhood. All of my maternal relatives, the generation of grandparents and great-aunts-and-uncles, elected to speak Polish to each other when they gathered…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Weddings, Baptisms, etc. I remember being a child, remember the process of learning new words and applying them to my... Continue Reading →

*Cliche saying about family/ memories*

It was my mother's birthday a few weeks ago. We had ice cream and deep dish pizza (her favorite). This past Mother's Day, she remarked as we drove to church, that her mother (my grandmother, Cecelia or, as I knew her, "Grandma D") would sometimes remember the day my mother was released from the hospital.... Continue Reading →

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