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What I Wore Wednesday: Yellah edition

Dese shoes.
Dese shoes.

I think it started with these shoes.

I think it was my cousin who was like, “Yo. Those are your kind of shoes.”

And people say that to me regularly, believe it or not. Only, I couldn’t pinpoint a type of shoe that is “my kind” over any other, but when people say it…I find that they’re usually correct.

And so I bought them. I bought them even though I didn’t know if I could rock da yellow, bro.

Turns out, though, that I can rock it and rock ’em hard core.

Wait. Hold up. First of all, though, I went home and thought about it before coming back to the store and buying them. Important step.

Now, a few weeks back I went to a secondhand store and I found THE CUTEST white sundress and it was a positive dream of a dress and it fit to boot. Only…the zipper wasn’t working so hot, so I left it behind. And it was only later that I regretted that decision. You know, dreaming about it at night, pining over it during the day–standard stuff. So I went back to the store and, wouldn’t ya know, it was gone. BUT, I did find a super cute yellow skirt. And I was like, “Ooooooh, should I buy this?”

I tried it on, but you know that time of the month where everything sucks and you somehow gain seventy pounds? Ding ding ding.

So, I didn’t buy it (YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON FROM THE TOO-CUTE WHITE SUNDRESS!!!!!) and I went home. Cue night-dreaming/ day-pining and I drove back a few days later all, “IS IT IN HERE ANYMORE?” And it was and it fit better and I bought it.

That night I said to my sibs, “Yo, I bought a new skirt.”

And my brother said, “Is it in that mustard color you buy, like, everything in?”

And I was like, “Yeah. But, it has buttons. And a ruffle.”

No ragrats.

I love it’s little pencil-fit and the button/ ruffle detailing up the side and the yellow-yellow color that just finds its way into the center of my heart.

Werk it. In the jungle/ garden.
Werk it. In the jungle/ garden.

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