Still going still sewing

I was rereading through some of my blog posts, and I came across the one that was like, "BRB sewing LOL." And I referenced this image: And this material: But, I was kind of a jerk and never showed the dress. BUT HERE IT IS, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE THINGS LIKE SEWING AND... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

It has officially been forever since I have done one of these. But!! Over the weekend I was in a parade with a friend's place-of-employment, and a reader (hello, reader!!!) called out to me from the sidewalk, "Helloooo! What did you wear on Wednesday?" ISN'T THAT CRAZY? So, yes. Here we go again. She was... Continue Reading →

Sewing Shenaniganz

Dude. I have a wedding this weekend. But, it's not my wedding. Although, the director of the department did call out to my open-office environment last Friday, "Hey, Nell, when's your wedding again?" All of the heads turned. Me: "Ummm, it's not my wedding. I'm just going to it. To dance and stuff." So, yeah,... Continue Reading →

Non-judgmental granola bars

On Friday night I went out dancing. And, maybe this was a bad idea. Because on Monday I had to take a sick day and my mom said to me, “This is your own fault, you wore yourself out, I hope you remember this in your future.” And, maybe it was my fault. But, more... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

So I was driving to work-y stuff today, though Detroit, and I came across this dewd strutting proudly across the street like he didn't give a good American darn. When he got to the Boulevard and the light turned red and there was no one behind me I snatched this photo. DETROIT IS SO COOL!!... Continue Reading →

What I Wore on the Wednesday

I had a friend email me these words: "Talk to me about your sense of self." ...because this is the kind of people I know (and don't think I'm not aware of their goodness/ thankful for them--I'm aware. And thankful). So then I just talked about how I'm trying to find balance in the midst... Continue Reading →

Wearing. What I am.

It's been awhile since I've done this, right? Right. And that's kind of two-fold, the two folds being: The, "hey, I look like this" posts always hit me as a little weird and I've been hardcore volunteering/ Jesus-y things all day on Wednesdays now (crack about Protestant Wednesday-night-service? I will not go there. But I... Continue Reading →

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