This is my Camino. Welcome.


Half of the blood in my veins comes from a peoples easily addicted to fire water, and the other half from folks with a tendency towards obsessive compulsions and, while I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding both of those things, I do tend to get reallllllly into whatever hobby I’m feeling at the moment.

And, at the moment, it’s 1000% linocutting. Jesus, take the wheel. I’m working on a new one, one that has taken way, way more than I had originally bargained for. Like, I dreampt deeper than I should have, maybe. But, how else will I grow, right?

I hope to finish it soon (tomorrow? TONIGHT? (No, not tonight, I need to work tomorrows)), but, until then, here’s another one I finished recently:

Sorry for the vertical shot, I took it on my phone. 🙂 My hope is to open ze shop soon, soon. This one has a bunch of different animals–predators and prey both–per Isaiah’s prophesy that they would all get along.

On Saturday I helped host a workshop for single women on fertility awareness. So, one of my friends teaches a class on this stuff and it’s fascinating and also super empowering and, honestly, the world would do better to learn more about it. Twas very well received, and hopefully we’ll have another one in the future. So, that was my Saturday fun.

Sunday I worked a weddin’ show and then we had a little info meeting for the summer. My family is planning on traveling to the World Meeting of Families in Ireland, and I’m helping with them shenanigans as well.

As far as this evening goes:
I’m making this vegan pumpkin bread (with buckwheat flour! I’ve had some for ages with no idea what to make!), only I’ve added pecans and zucchini and carrots and dates and a few raisins, so now it’s a bit more like the Canadian “morning glory” muffins, so I’m excited about that.
Tomorrow I’m going to a workshop with the group that made this killer little video. Super excited, and a reason I’m making said pumpkin (and extra stuff) bread.
I found these shoes at a local shop, thinking of springing for pair, but uncertain if I can wear them to work things? Please advise. Also, I kind of need black shoes. But only kind of. I.e. I own a few black things, but no black shoes…and the shop only carries these in “slate.” Please advise. I don’t like black all that much.
I’m at that point in winter where I don’t like any of my winter clothes anymore. I need to do something like this with my sister, only, SHE MOVED AWAY FROM ME.


Holler, blog.

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