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I have a wedding coming up this weekend, a delightful event, full of wonder, and maybe I’ll write more about that. But, until then…I’ve been working on a new skirt. (Sketch above).

I picked out some material a few weeks back, the store is kind of a potluck of stores–you never know what you’ll find. But, I came away this time with some black taffeta, woven with metallic threads throughout. It kind of shimmers as it moves (in the right light).

I decided it would make a lovely floor-length formal, and bought a few yards.

Turns out, I didn’t buy quite as much as I needed for my dream, but, with a few modifications, I came pretty close.


I knew I wanted box pleats, plus maybe a drop waist? And definitely pockets.

I actually just finished the thing a few minutes ago, and I’ll get you photos as soon as I can.

Until then, here’s something else I worked on this morning.

So, the skirt is being made for a wedding, right? The bride and I share a favorite movie, Disney’s 2015 live action Cinderella, a poetic tale of feminine grace and strength. In the film, Cinderella’s dying biological mother instructs her to, “Have courage and be kind.”

I thought this bride would like some art featuring the same, so I started thinking about things.

The film also has a stag appear in the scene right before Cinderella and the prince (unknown to Cinderella!) meet for the first time in the forest. I noted that the bride incorporated the stag motif into her invites…and I was like, “This needs to happen.”

Que Pinterestin’ Scandinavian folk art, because I’m on a kick right now. Que Etsy-browsin’ and Google image searchin’ and all the other things that the kids these days will forever take for granted, because when I was a kid and wanted to find pictures of deer, I had to go to the library, good golly. 😉


Here she is:


Done in ink but with watercolor for some added color. 🙂

Full day of fun and creating right there.

Tell me what projects you’ve been making these days. Let’s stay creative together!

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