This is my Camino. Welcome.

It was my cousin’s birthday



A birthday.

This is for my cousin, Hanna, who turned older yesterday. I think that we actually turn older every day, while maintaining the memory of before. But, still, it is good to remember days-of-birth, so I texted some electronic flowers.

We went camping this year, in the summer, hiked the best hikes, had the best talks, did the best art, went dancing, went biking, ate food, wrote stories, had a spa night around a campfire. Is there a better life to be lived off the coast of Lake Michigan under the tall, tall hardwoods, when there is a river running past and fireflies lighting up the night? I do not think so. It would be hard to convince me otherwise.

She found a dead butterfly when we were biking, had me put it in my pocket so she could try to make some art later.

In the early part of the winter, Hanna and I met in Chicago for more hiking, more art, more cheap sushi rolls from Trader Joe’s.

We were talking about a sculpture that Hanna was making, while we were together.

I was like, “Do you know how to sculpt?”

And she was like, “I mean, I’m *learning* to by talking to a sculptor and also by watching tutorials, so I guess I can.”


“I’m doing it, therefore I know how to do it.”

I should make that into a sign I put on my wall.

Last weekend we went to a wedding together and the couple asked for wedding advice and she was like, “Most of my advice is about kombucha” and that is probably the best advice I have ever seen at a wedding, to be honest.

HBD, H!!!!

May your wisdom infect us for another year.

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