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Your wellness is worth it

Faux inspirational-shot taken from teh internets? But of course!
Faux inspirational-shot taken from teh internets? But of course!

I have a few friends who are coming to the realization that, hey, maybe the foods they’ve been eating for years (looking at you, gluten) might be harming their bodies instead of helping them; tearing their bodies apart instead of nourishing them; leading their bodies to lonely places like late-nite drugstore aisles and toilets-at-parties* instead of the parties themselves and the places my friends actually want to be.

And so, maybe, they think it’s time to give up gluten or lactose or any number of things.

I’m no scientist. I can’t tell you why suddenly people have allergies and intolerances when it wasn’t always this way. I don’t have any real research to say why I cannot eat very foods that sustained my ancestors for hundreds of years. It baffles me, too.

I’m not a doctor or a medical professional, but I do hope to be a friend. And, to those friends making these changes (whether I know you in real-life or just over the internets): you are worth this. Your wellness is worth it.

Yes, at first, everything is weird. And, yes, you are allowed to feel bad since you can no longer eat your favorite foods. You’re allowed to feel confused since you no longer know how to eat “correctly.” You’re allowed to feel a little sucker-punched when you see how expen$ive the “substitute” foods cost. Whoa, Nellie.

You’re allowed to feel awkward for those days when everyone else is like, “Oh, well, we’ll pick a different restaurant…for you.” You’re allowed to feel blundering when you try to explain these things to other people.

And…you’re still allowed to celebrate.

Most creatives work best under a set of parameters. And now you have new parameters, so rock those babies, why don’t you?

Explore new cultures of foods that you can eat, be creative, be adventurous, be daring! Find delicious things in weird grocery stores (check out the ethnic ones–lots of treasures there!) and farmer’s markets and your own garden, too! Read new books from the library, save links of recipes made by others online. Learn, experiment, create!

And–screw things up sometimes. Make things that no one wants to eat. Make bread that is too-hard, cookies that are too-crumbly, pancakes that are too-thin. We’ve all been there. Stare at the flops you’ve created…and then throw them away. You ain’t got time for that negativity.

You, friend, have no time for negativity. You have places to go and delicious, nourishing things to eat.


Because your WELLNESS is WORTH IT.

Every sacrifice you make IS WORTH IT. Your health is worth it.

You living without abdominal pain, you visiting places freely, you thriving in the good, blessed earth is worth it.

Yes, this is a big step. But, once you have made this step, there is no reason to turn around–only happy, dance-y steps to a bright future where you feel better and love better and eat better and live better.

And that’s your goal. A healthy you is your goal. And you’re worth that goal. You’re worth what it takes to get there–throwing away your favorite junk foods included.

There are other foods you will love, don’t worry. I promise. There are still lovely things to eat, lovely foods that can become your new traditions or comfort foods or weekday lunches. You will start this journey and you will rock it.

Journey strong to the place that is a healthy, happy you–that place where you can eat confidently and live with less pain and smile and laugh and enjoy life a bit more than you currently do. You are worth this. Please, make the changes that will lead you to a healthier tomorrow.

I believe in you!

The Girl Who Hasn’t Eaten Chalka In Three Years

*Yo. I’ve lived this life

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