Dinner Party. Deconstructed.

  One million years ago, when I was young, I went to Australia with thousands of other youths, because the Pope had invited us. I did things there. Saw kangaroos. Ate lamington (U.S. GET ON YOUR SPONGE CAKE/ CHOCOLATE COATING/ COCONUT GAME)/ Weetabix/ Tim Tams (obvi, this is prior to being diagnosed gluten-free). Also, it... Continue Reading →

Carrot cake granola!

Oh friends. And friends and friends. I went. I went on retreat. It was lovely. Sometimes I'll be somewhere and I'll realize: this is exactly right. I'm exactly myself, exactly where I need to be. Marytown (the retreat center) is one of those places. Thank you for your prayers while I was away. AND NOW... Continue Reading →

Super easy flour-free banana muffins!

Happy 4th of July! Here's a super quick/ easy recipe for flour-free banana muffins. Found this one on the internet. Thanks, internet! We had extra, browning bananas...which is what inspired me to look for something to make. Also! Tip for those making these for someone with a gluten-intolerance: make sure you use gluten-free oats. Most... Continue Reading →

Epic (gluten-free!) Brownies

These brownies! These are the ones that change my life, OK? Maybe not. But, real talk, baking sans-gluten is this battle I'm kind of apprehensive to fight. For one, most gluten-free baking recipes call for multiple kinds of flour and a magical substance known as "xanthan gum" which, when I checked at the grocery store,... Continue Reading →

Tabbouleh-pasta salad (gluten free!)

Things that have happened this past year, medically speaking: I'm now gluten-free I'm now meat-free So, yeah. That'll change your life a little bit. I think there's a level of spirituality behind these menu-options. But, I won't go into that now. I also think there's a level of spirituality behind well-made food that nourishes people... Continue Reading →

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