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An update on the “Frankendress”

Dress laid out on the ground. Those are the two patterns…the top and bottom of the dress!

So, usually I write about faith and stuff, right? Yes. Well, this is CONSUMING all of my energy and attention right now. Therefore I invite you to share with me that which has eaten my life. I promise we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

I originally said this dress would be called the “Lauren.”

But then my coworker dubbed it the “Frankendress” because I’m using two different patterns/ two different companies/ four decades apart to make the dress. And I thought the title was hilarious.

Anyway: it’s cut out. Pockets are assembled. Bodice is getting there.

Bodice…getting there!
Roadblocks I’ve hit along the way:

  • Apparently the patterns were only in size sixteen. Now, that’s the weird and incomprehensible world of dress-pattern sizes, granted. Still, I’m not actually a sixteen.
  • Making and taking out pockets at least three times. You know that feel, bro?
  • Almost running out of black material for the accents. Eeep!
  • Did I mention the dance is tomorrow? Good thing I have the Holy Spirit and stuff.

Since I don’t have a pattern that’s exactly what I want, nor do I have a pattern in my size, I’ve had to do a bit of creative interpretation. Have you heard of the internet, though? It’s a wealth of knowledge and ideas. Don’t think I haven’t spent significant amounts of my time “researching.”

As far as creativity goes, though, I’ve happened upon some pretty happy ideas. For instance:

That’s the skirt pre-pleats. I have no dress form, only my very own form. Oh well.

  • The skirt was too big. Like, I cut out the FRONT piece and it was nearly enough for a skirt. The problem was, I had already assembled the pockets. Internet/ Pinterest to the rescue! Three words: CENTER BOX PLEAT. Done and done. So cute, and with a vintage flavor to boot!
  • Cap sleeves. I think I like them. I’ll keep you updated. But, I am pleased with the sleeves themselves–very finished. I’m just not sure how they’ll look on ME.
  • I originally planned for a sweetheart top. I drew it, I talked about it. But, then I cut out the bodice and the pattern extended the top to my collarbone. Now, I’m a modest girl, but if a top covers my Miraculous Medal…is it really a party dress? (Side Bible joke because it came to mind: we know Mary loves a party. Just look at Jesus’ first miracle. πŸ˜€ ). When I folded the neckline down to try to find a better location for the neckline…I kind of fell in love with the Peter Pan-style result. Like, really. I can almost envision it with little buttons. Problem: I couldn’t figure out how to install said collar.
  • Awesome thing: while commuting to work this morning I FIGURED OUT HOW TO ATTACH AND FINISH THE COLLAR I WANT. You better believe I’m ready for this.

My next research project…an exposed zipper. How do you feel about the exposed zipper craze, all?

Dude! Share your thoughts about sewing/ dresses/ fashion/ Peter Pan collars/ cap sleeves below! We shall create together!

4 thoughts on “An update on the “Frankendress”

  1. My opinion on exposed zippers: think they might be on their way out. But I think you could pull it off but perhaps not with this dress because it’s a more delicate style. Exposed zippers can look cute on pencil skirts thought.
    Which reminds me of my zipper ballet flats that I used to have. Had to throw them out they were falling apart. :sniff:

  2. Definitely had a center box pleated skirt that I LOVED and want to make one in honor of that beloved skirt that has seen too many washings.

    Also, may I just say that the Peter Pan collar is SO you! I’m so glad you figured it out. I want details when I finally see you in the dress.

    AND…I’m not so sure if I’m a fan of the exposed zipper craze that has swept the nation. It cuts up the dress oddly sometimes and can draw the attention to all the wrong parts of the dress. But I have also seen it done well. But I’m thinking for the style of the Frankendress you probably want to hide your zipper. Of course, this is your dress, and you’re doing excellently thus far. πŸ™‚ Carry on! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    I hope the mad last minute stitching and bobbin refilling and thread snipping and such is going well for you tonight!

  3. Guys! Update!
    I looked in our various zipper-stash and found a green zipper (what are the ODDS??!) So I put that in just now.
    Things I’m proud of: the seams match like a DREAM. Shooooot.
    Things I’m working on: hem and hand-finishing. πŸ˜€

    I have an idea for the cap sleeves, too.

    But I’m taking a break to eat. Nom nom nom!

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