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A D.J. Weekend

My sister called me at work on Friday. We were supposed to go to a corn maze Friday night. But, it was raining and kind of cold, so we were on the fence about going out to a dark and drippy night.

Last week was a doozy. I learned of two deaths, one fatal illness among friends. My sister wanted to know if I still wanted to go out, and I knew I wanted to do something, but a corn maze in the rain?? I said we’d think about it.

“But,” we asked, “what will we do instead?”

So I suggested the thrift store and Pictionary. It was raining! Those are excellent suggestions. My sister, two brothers, cousin, and D.J. realized this, and that’s what we did.

“Who is D.J.,” you ask? A friend of the family. He was spending the weekend at our house, a weekend henceforth dubbed, “D.J. Day.” “Day” meant “weekend,” truthfully, but the alliteration doesn’t work as well.

So, again, thrifting. I needed to buy costume things, as did others (I’ll show my costume later, I promise!) for we had a HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday night! Thrifting and then games!

D.J. Day coincided with Wayne State’s Homecoming. And WAYNE STATE WON!

Shopping finished, we whipped out the Pictionary board. It was friendly Pictionary, with graces bestowed and when one team finished first we determined, “Let’s just keep drawing and guessing.”

Being together sometimes triumphs over “winning.”
I feel like my mom should write that on our refrigerator somewhere.

Pictionary around the table. Josh, D.J., Paul, Marcus, and Johanna

Friday night: check!

Saturday I had acrobat class (I also promise I will write about the many lessons I’ve learned from acrobat class one time), and then in the evening I did two things.

Hi! We’re delicious!

Thing one: I made food. Lots of food, gluten-free and filling.

Thing that you should know about, though, are some GLUTEN FREE BROWNIES. Guys, they are so good. And I didn’t even need to buy thousands of weird ingredients! Success! Ease and deliciousness meet for the win! I will post the recipe SOON.

The second thing I did was to transform some people into alternative characters for a Halloween party. I embellished one brother’s shirt so he could be a Naval captain of sorts… with short-shorts.

D.J. and Paul had decided to be an old couple. Because, really, who doesn’t love an old couple?

I was asked if I’d apply the old-person make-up. Not that I’ve ever done that before. But! I have the internet! All of my questions can be answered!

D.J. and Paul wrinkled and scowled and grinned until I had marked all of their wrinkles with a brown eye-pencil, and then I painted a thin line of white beneath every wrinkle.

Oh! And D.J. received a full-blown makeover: base, wrinkles, blush, eyeliner (what a trooper!) and mascara. I envy home-boy’s lashes. My lashes are, like, one third the length of his lashes.

Make up time!

And Then they got into character… down to the Werther’s in the pockets (my idea!).

Let the good times roll.

Agnes and Frank. You wanted a picture, right??

I take pride in the fact that no one complimented the make-up jobs. I feel that, on some level, if someone compliments your make-up that they’ve noticed the make-up… and does that really mean you did a good job?

Rather, if the wrinkles were so believeable that no one’s mind even wandered to the fact that they were make-up, then I think that’s a good make-up job.

It probably helps that the party was kind of dark… like, lit by black lights, too.

Guess what? D.J. won best costume! Yay D.J. Day!

What a weekend: thrifting (I also bought a fur wrap and skinnies! Stay posted!), cooking, partying, and the great outdoors.

I hope that next weekend includes a PHOTOSHOOT and I’m already looking up pictures of costume ideas and getting all exicted. I want to have mad detailing and layering for my female models, and a layered, vintage look for my male models. I’m conducting “internet research” by looking up vintage styles. Holy cow! Some of these pictures are so cute! Vintage guys… you’re making my day. Anyway, I’m excited and I want so badly for you to be in on this. I’ll keep you posted!

Also! I bought a grey-wool suit at the thrift store because I needed the jacket, but I’m not a huge fan of the skirt. I’m thinking I’ll try to repurpose, reuse and upcycle that sucker. We’ll see how that works out, OK?
So! Week-plans

  • Post about: brownies, faith, and cute clothes (this sums up the blog, eh?)
  • Attend a talk in Ann Arbor about Catholicism and Homosexuality
  • Repurpose old clothes!
  • Figure out how to host a gluten-free Halloween party…where people still get excited about the food
  • Costume and execute a rocking photoshoot
  • I should clean my room too, right? 🙂

Happy Monday!

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