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What I Wore Wednesday


Yes, it’s Thursday.

Here’s the thing, though: today is probably the last-ever nice, sunny day of 2012 here in the great north. Therefore! I’m enjoying it and wearing a warm-weather outfit.

Sunny weather, I cannot express how much I will miss you.

So, people frequently give me clothes. There are two theories behind this fact and they are:

  1. That people feel sorry for me
  2. That people are like, “Oh, she likes clothes, I’ll give her these because I’ll never wear them because they’re too big/ too small/ the wrong color, etc.”

You can believe whichever theory you’d like, really. The fact is, my coworker brought in a BAG of vintage scarves for me one day. She was like, “Here’s a bag of vintage scarves I found, see if you like any of them…feel free to donate the rest.”

And then I took them home and my mom was like, “!!!Oh my gosh, those are SO COOL! I can’t believe she just GAVE THEM TO YOU!”

Because, seriously, they’re cool scarves.

The pattern is a crossroad of blues, blacks, browns, and designs.

They had a grand ol’ time in our washing machine, and today I looked inside of the pile-of-scarves for some inspiration.

I dig this one. It’s totally vintage–that color scheme hasn’t been hot for a while, now. But, they’re great colors. From the feel of the fabric, it’s a polyester-blend. But what it’s blended with, I’m not sure…silk? Is that something that people do?

Anyway, I wore it with a teal t-shirt, a light blue sweater, the same glen plaid skirt from last week (I didn’t remember! Oops!), brown leggings, and my trusty brown saddle shoes.

I love scarves because they add a flair of pizzazz any outfit.

Also! You’ll note that I wore the SAME SKIRT last week…but, it was essentially an entirely different outfit since I switched out the dominant colors and changed accessories. This is the awesome thing about classic pieces…you can utilize them in a variety of ways.

So, enjoy the sunshine, everyone!
Enjoy beauty, enjoy freedom, enjoy life.

And, I might add, wear scarves. If you’re brave enough. And then tell me about it. 😀

I’m reading Anne E. Neimark’s “Damien, The Leper Priest” for a variety of reasons, one of them being HE’S AN INCREDIBLE MAN. If you appreciate inspiring stories, look into St. Damien of Molokai’s life, OK?

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