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What I Wore Wednesday


I saw it on the super-clearance rack at T.J.Maxx while I was looking for yoga pants for my new acrobat class (true story!).

It was bright, but still professional…and on sale for $5.50. Plus, the tag said it was an extra-small, and what woman doesn’t enjoy that kind of assurance?

It’s a short-sleeve grey top, polyester blend with the yellow crocheted collar added for pizazz.

And then I wore it to a mass where the Archbishop was celebrating and everyone else was in a suit. Ouch. Everyone else sporting dark colors and what not, and here I am in a neon-yellow faux-Peter-Pan collar. #underdressed *blush*

Oh well. The rest of my outfit was relatively professional and drab…sans my sister’s shoes which balanced out the yellows. 😀

Total outfit! Starting at the bottom: my sister’s yellow shoes, grey tights, a Glen Plaid skirt, navy cami, THIS SHIRT, and a navy sweater.

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