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Working on a Play


Things I need to do this weekend:
1. Edit 2 spoken word pieces
2. Plan a set design with my brother
3. Go shopping/ scrounging for props
4. Find 2 new actresses for a few who can no longer participate
5. Plan a week of rehearsals

Things I have delegated to other people:
1. Reserving the venue space
2. Creating the promo material
3. Memorizing lines and stuff. I don’t think I’m acting in this one, folks. Not if I can help it. 🙂 (Not that I don’t miss the stage, though).

Things that made me laugh this last rehearsal:
1. I asked one of the guys to write an “audience participation song.” He delivered. Did he ever deliver.
2. One of the young ladies is supposed to deliver some lines awkwardly and badly, and homegirl slays it. Cringe-worthy. That’s comedic gold right there.
3. One guy is kind of supposed to be a not-so-great high school boyfriend (high school, right?) And he does it. ALL THE INTRIGUE!

Things that I’m loving see come together:
1. There are several touching moments in the play, and I’m loving the delivery they’re receiving from my actors.
2. I’ve never seen anyone read my stuff out loud, really. I’ve read my stuff out loud, to small groups, but no one has ever taken words that I have written and delivered them to other people. And that’s just really cool to see. Especially because they’re using their own spin, and they’re talented, you know? And when words are spoken and alive, they achieve a new level of strength.
3. We talk about some hard stuff. We talk about some funny stuff. And all of it is really cool to see unfold, from my chair.

Things that we can still work on, if I’m being honest:
1. Blocking
2. Cues
3. Memorizing lines
4. Memorizing blocking.

BUT! It will come. Right??? RIGHT??


Mark your calendars! 🙂 The first week of August is going to be a special one! August 2 (a Tuesday) and August 3 (a Wednesday). Stay posted!

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