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Life update: play now cast


Here’s the beautiful thing about summer: every day is like a million days in one. And the sunlight gives me energy to go and go and go, and so I do a million things, barely stopping to eat sometimes.

(Other times I eat a lot, though).

I feel like I haven’t updated in a million years! But, that was just last week, wasn’t it?


Here’s a rundown of my last few hours:

Yesterday I was supposed to run auditions for that one play my brother and I have been working on with friends….

Only, I have never, ever run auditions before.

I called, like, 4-6 people who are way more experienced in the realm of auditions and I was like, “Will you help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”

And they were like, “Sorry, no. But, you’ve got this.”

But my brother, Paul, helped me. As did a few other assorted individuals. (Thanks, guys).

Going in I was like, “And if no one shows up, I take that as a sign from God, and I don’t go through with this, I am too nervous.”

But, show up they did. Talent they have.

After a couple of hours of listening to monologues and songs, I sat in a room with Paul and Cullen and I prayed a quick prayer and we went for it–talked through the auditions, talked through our expectations for each character, talked about which character needed to relate to the other characters in special ways (i.e. love interest or sibling, etc.)

They made suggestions. I made suggestions. We talked and hashed. We looked at scheduling conflicts. We talked about venues. We wrote names next to characters, then crossed them out and wrote new names.

What if this guy was matched with this girl? What about this other guy? Do these two look like siblings? Do these two? If this one is this character, when she talks to this other one, will they look like friends? Can these two have a painfully awkward conversation? Can these two get in a fight but still make us believe that, deep down, they love each other?

Many possibilities. Many options.

Finally, we made the decisions.

And then, we left.

We have a good looking cast, you guys. We have talented young men and women lined up. I think this just might turn out to be something very, very good.

Stay thou posted.

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