This is my Camino. Welcome.

There is going to be a play

My mom said, just now, “Good night.”

And I said, “I’m going to bed, too, just after I write something.”

And she sighed and said, “Don’t burn yourself out.”

And that’s kind of a goal of mine, too, even though I also want to do EVERYTHING EVER. There’s a million thangs I’ve haven’t done…but just you wait.

(Nevermind, not about to fall into that musical theater trap!)



My brother and a group of other friends and I have been working on an original script for a play.

The play set in a coffee shop, on the night there’s Open Mic night. The characters are from allllll over the young adult map, and they’re all working through a variety of issues. One young woman is having that security vs. following passions discernment. One guy’s twin sister has been growing distant, and he’s trying to reach out but not doing a great job.

The character that I wrote is a young woman who finds herself comparing her life and stage to those around her…and she’s constantly feeling inadequate because of that comparison game.

Another guy just left the seminary…and he comes to find out that the girl who was his sister no longer identifies with a gender.

All in all, though, it definitely has funny moments. It definitely has likeable characters. It’s also interspersed with songs and spoken word and even one purposefully awful poem (written by me. Enjoy the crappy rhyme schemes, friends).

And, hopefully, it will come together by late July. (That being said…want to audition or help out somehow? Are you in metro-Detroit? Reach out in ze comments or at:

After our first draft read-through, I was a little bit, “Is this good enough? Does it have the right amount of art to ask people to dedicate their time?”

But, then I thought about how good it is for people to gather for the sake of beauty and truth and good theater and community.

And now I’m the director, it seems.

So, yeah! That’s my excitement for the day. 😉

St. Vitus…PRAY FOR US!!!




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